Saturday, 28 November 2009

Few months ago I want to New York and saw this exhibition heres my review and some images from it, enjoy x

Exhibition review: Weird Beauty

The exhibition is displayed in the International Center of Photography (ICP) In the city of New York. Running from January 2009 till May 2009. 

The exhibition present the most innovative fashion photography of the last few years. It is displayed in the form of tear sheets giving the viewer the feel of the magazine normally being the 

habitat of the fashion image. and some images were presented as the original work The magazines featured included both independent and mainstream publications such as Vogue and I-D by a range of photographers including Cindy Sherman, Steven Klein, Richard Avedon, and Edward Steichen. The images are glamourous. sexy and odd. Involving a 'no style rule'. Some work displayed included celebrities such as 'posh' and 'becks', from the work of Steven Klein, also displayed was a Amy Winehouse look a like in the work of Peter Rindbergh. All the work displayed involves modern fashion, yet darker and edger than work seen previously from these artists. Some of the work also, I found to be wittier and somewhat disturbing with elements of pop culture. The cover image of the exhibition was taken by Miles Aldridge, in the image you see a perfect pair of lips holding (I assume) a expressive ring, this shows the greed of the fashion world still current in a recession. The show involves styles of many forms some of which is public and some personal. 

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